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Trent Cole - Level 5 Electrolyte Loss

Trent Cole, 11 year NFL Pro, 2x Pro Bowl

During intense activity, you sweat out essential fluids and electrolytes that need to be replaced to maintain hydration balance. Electrolyte losses can vary over 100 fold from one athlete to another, and body size and intensity of activity are not enough to predict these great differences.

Based on his #SweatTest, Trent Cole loses over 5500 mg of sodium per hour. With a recommended daily allowance of only 1500-2300 mg of sodium per day, Trent would quickly become electrolyte depleted after an intense day of training camp.

Trent is a LEVEL 5 (SEVERE Electrolyte Loss). What LEVEL are you?

A #SweatTest is essential for all
athletes seeking peak performance

The LEVELEN Electrolyte Replenishment System (ERS™) is the only integrated solution of sweat testing and electrolyte replenishment products, customized to an athlete’s specific needs.

Proper Fluid & Electrolyte Balance will:

Increase Power

Improve Endurance

Eliminate Muscle Cramping

Prevent Salt Depletion & Hyponatremia

Minimize Exertional Heat Stroke**

The LEVELEN ERS™ is supported by over a decade of research, and is clinically validated by elite professional and collegiate athletes* to address fluid and electrolyte imbalances.

Take a LEVELEN #SweatTest, and take your Game to the next LEVEL.

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* LEVELEN™ and LEVELEN ERS™ are currently being used by teams and athletes in the NFL, NHL, AHLNBA, MLS, WTA, USTA, CrossFit, and the NCAA. LEVELEN™ does not have any sponsorships or affiliations with any of these leagues or organizations.

** With LEVELEN™ slushies