Maximize Your Sports Performance: Start with an Individual Athlete Sweat Test, and Customize your Electrolyte Replenishment Program

Because Every Athlete is Different, Except in Their Desire to Compete & WIN!

Everyone’s needs are different, and without testing you’re just guessing. Levelen has been thoroughly tested with over 10 years of research among NFL, NHL, NBA & college teams. For athletes who expect to win, Levelen is their only customized electrolyte replenishment system.

When you train & compete, you sweat. Electrolytes are lost and need to be replaced. Maintaining proper electrolyte balance is essential for serious athletes. Without proper electrolyte balance, early fatigue and exercise associated muscle cramps (EAMC), or “muscle cramping,” can set in. Muscle cramping can stop you cold, and we developed Levelen to help you avoid the worst outcomes of electrolyte depletion.

There are many one-size-fits-all electrolyte products available. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which to use, and how much, unless you know exactly what you’ve lost in your sweat.

The Levelen™ Electrolyte Replenishment System™ (Levelen ERS™) includes individual athlete sweat testing & customized electrolyte replenishment solutions to give you the knowledge of exactly what you need, and provide individualized electrolyte replenishment, to keep you in the game.

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