Heat Sport Sciences, Inc. (HSS), was formed to bring Levelen™  and the Levelen™ Electrolyte Replenishment System™ (ERS™) to serious athletes seeking electrolyte replenishment solutions which could be their competitive edge. HSS is a passionate group of physicians, athletes & advocates of all things related to competitive athletics who have come together out of a common desire to address an unmet need in the sports nutrition & supplement marketplace.

Sweat volume & concentrations of electrolytes lost vary widely from one athlete to the next. Depleted electrolytes can quickly lead to decreased performance, muscle cramps or even pulled & torn muscles. Current one-size-fits-all electrolyte replenishment products do not address these highly variable and essential needs for serious athletes. HSS is focused on the specific needs of the individual athlete, introducing the Levelen ERS, the only integrated solution of individual athlete sweat testing & customized electrolyte replenishment solutions.

Your individual rates of sweat volume & electrolyte loss can now be accurately measured, so the electrolyte replenishment guessing game can end. The Levelen ERS gives you the knowledge of exactly what you need, and provides you individualized electrolyte replenishment, to keep you in the game.

Levelen™ has been thoroughly tested with over 10 years of clinical research among NFL, NHL, NBA & collegiate teams. For athletes who expect to win, Levelen is their only customized electrolyte replenishment solution.